In a flash of light, new clothes…

In Uncategorized on May 12, 2012 at 12:05 pm

I’ve discovered a new simile for ephemeral ………” like the shadows of raindrops”.

It happens sometimes…the raindrops are big enough to form distinct little globules that stick to your window pane for a few moments, and then the sun comes out, and embroiders these half-pearly, half-spotty shadows into that shaft of light coming in through said pane. It only lasts for the brief moment till the sun is clouded over again, or if its out longer then till the little droplet dries up or diminishes. Its strangely surprising when it happens, I can never take it for granted, and if no one is watching, I will try to drape that shaft of light on my skin like a sari, and dwell on the pearly-spotty shadows…sometimes, just sometimes, in some places, connected by the luminous shadow thread of a tiny thin rivulet of a falling raindrop. And just like that, its gone!

Like loved ones from life, like trust from some relationships – something makes it vanish, or dry out or diminish.

  1. “Into each life some rain must fall” – Longfellow

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