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What do I think of the Indian media?

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Well … I wouldn’t even piss on it, if it was on fire !

(courtesy: A gentleman we bumped into at our favourite watering-hole in Delft who described the city of his birth, Southampton, in such glowing terms!)

[Update: And here’s another reason why? ]

मिल बाँट कर

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These lovely little girls reminded me of that wonderful time in life, when the ‘recess’ was the highlight of my day, and ‘whats in your dabba’ was the favorite game to play 🙂

It also made me think of how sharing food – cooking and eating is what I love to do with friends….

Quick Gun Murugan?

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Mind it 🙂


One of the million reasons I love my India : Customization is not a prerogative of the rich, and ‘designer’ is pretty much anyone on the street

Tad(pole) Inconceivable

In India on June 25, 2009 at 3:01 pm

Bad Monsoon: some complain, and others do whaaa…aat?

So the Met department has revealed that it is going to be a ‘less-than-usual’ monsoon. A statistic I read yesterday says a whole seven percent less than ‘normal’. Already upset with the no-show, I thought this would be a time for all of us to go into some good old Amitabh-style confrontation with fate/the rain god about our impending water problems……

Instead, I open the newspaper today to find that this is what is being done to appease the rain gods!

Not only do the poor frogs have no happy puddles to splash about,  they also have to squirm in the hands of humans who had nothing better to do than to try making a pair of frogs monogamous for their next seven births by vedic rite!

We’re all for alternative world views, and the preservation of unique cultural perspectives….but this climate/water mess is hardly something we’re going to get out of by generating frog spawn! Its a tad(pole) inconceivable!

PS: I’m not sure how good the average person is at telling the gender of a frog……so this could well be a step forward for gay marriage in India.

Photo credit: AFP (on the Yahoo News post)

Not-So-Random Images

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Our friend Sifar, in addition to her many talents, is a remarkable observer of life.  Reading the tack-board in her living room is something I look forward to, every time I visit. Email lets me have the good fortune of getting some of those snippets in my inbox from time to time 🙂

She recently forwarded me these cute, educational Eco-doodles (just a name I made up) that led to the discovery of the whole series drawn by Prof. Hiroshi Takatsuki on the  ‘Japan for Sustainability’ website.

cartoon by prof. hiroshi takatsuki

high moon

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Incident at Bhumka Chaur

In Environment, India, photos, Wildlife on May 13, 2009 at 1:33 pm

Here is a guest post from Arun Agnihotri, Former Director, The Corbett Foundation.

On February 27, 2009 at around 12:30 pm, Mohan Pandey and Rajesh Panwar, both members of the Corbett Gram Vikas Samiti decided to visit some craftsmen working near Bhumka Chaur grassland, about two kilometres south of Chhoti Haldwani. This is a small village in the foothills of Kumaon where Jim Corbett once lived. The area is surrounded by dense forest with the Boar River flowing to its west. Craftsmen from Bageshwar district visit this place every year and stay for about two months. The duo decided to film the craftsmen as well as the picturesque area when they sighted a handsome Cheetal (Axis axis) buck in the river’s edge, some 50 metres away from them.

However, their delight quickly turned to alarm when they saw two dogs and a man in dark clothing closing in on the buck.


The man was holding a big sickle (locally called a baryat) in his hand. Read the rest of this entry »


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Wheat being picked over to remove impurities - chaff and stones

Wheat being picked over for impurities and stone bits