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Bunions and all!

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Random buniony thoughts and images by Arun Agnihotri


“The real voyage of discovery consists in not seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Unknown

Still find it difficult to ‘mail’, sitting in a cyber-café trying to shut-out the noises! Nothing like putting pen to paper – a hardcopy – something that I can hold in my hands and savour; allowing a slow release of images, trying to process the experiences, letting the mind go for a walk. Being able to reach for the pages without hesitation and scrolling. Somehow, I have never really enjoyed sending long electronically sterile mail!


Coppersmith Barbet-2

Have just returned from Binsar to ‘civilization’ and as usual finding it tough.

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Sunsets on Water

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Depending on where you live on the planet, Summer, can be the short respite you crave from the cold bleakness of the rest of the year, or the hellish furnace you endure while waiting for cooler weather to arrive.  But regardless of location, the longer day  gives almost everyone a chance to free themselves of work and appreciate the joy of the summer sunset.

A few memorable ones that were enjoyed by a canal,  a mighty river and a lake:


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Incident at Bhumka Chaur

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Here is a guest post from Arun Agnihotri, Former Director, The Corbett Foundation.

On February 27, 2009 at around 12:30 pm, Mohan Pandey and Rajesh Panwar, both members of the Corbett Gram Vikas Samiti decided to visit some craftsmen working near Bhumka Chaur grassland, about two kilometres south of Chhoti Haldwani. This is a small village in the foothills of Kumaon where Jim Corbett once lived. The area is surrounded by dense forest with the Boar River flowing to its west. Craftsmen from Bageshwar district visit this place every year and stay for about two months. The duo decided to film the craftsmen as well as the picturesque area when they sighted a handsome Cheetal (Axis axis) buck in the river’s edge, some 50 metres away from them.

However, their delight quickly turned to alarm when they saw two dogs and a man in dark clothing closing in on the buck.


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Wheat being picked over to remove impurities - chaff and stones

Wheat being picked over for impurities and stone bits