Random Acts

In General, Musings, Urban Life on February 12, 2010 at 6:10 pm

This morning, as I took a fresh pot off coffee of the stove, and sat down to sip some, this young man – a volunteer for the Youth Services Initiative randomly showed up at our door, selling some very pretty easter eggs for 5 euro apiece, as a fundraiser for a project in Ghana. Not needing any eggs really, besides the kind you can make omelettes with, and not having any cash on hand, I said “No, thank you.”

…..and then randomly, it struck me that the fellow was lugging his tray of eggs around on a very cold day….

…..and randomly, I asked him if he wanted something warm to drink…

“Oh Yes!”, he smiled, exhaling a misty whiff.

…not so randomly, I also realized that I wasn’t about to let a stranger in the house, so I asked him to wait outside.

…I came back into the kitchen, and then went back to the door to ask what kind of tea he’d like….oolong? lapsang souchong? or maybe some ginger-tulsi tea from India??….

“Nothing too crazy”, he said…

..”Hmmm…I just brewed some coffee…care for some?”

“Sure”, he said

So I came back in and looked for a paper cup….  didn’t find one, because we don’t buy any… (mental note: buy some disposable cups!)

…and randomly, I remembered, I hadn’t I went back out again… “would you like some milk and sugar in your coffee?”

“yes please”, he said

“one lump or two?”

“one is good”

… back in I went, and warmed some milk in a ceramic glass, poured in some coffee, and added a lump of sugar, stirred it a bit, and came out again and handed it to the young man who took it with a smile.

…..randomly realizing the how strange I must seem, I actually was random enough to ask, “Is this the strangest response you’ve ever had from anyone while trying to sell eggs?”

“Ummmm…I think so”, he grinned

“You could leave the glass on my window sill when you’re done”, I said

“This one”, he pointed, as he blew at the hot coffee and took a delighted sip. I nodded.

I came back in, and sat down in front of the computer. And being the hyperanalytical-2010-creature-with-too-much-time-on-my-hands I tried to figure out what had just happened. I realized I owed him.

……for pulling me away from the computer, and offering me the most under-rated gift anyone can give anyone – ‘Real’ Human Contact – a smile, a nod, a cheerful hello…not : ) or ❤ or ‘LOL’

….and for as cheesy as it sounds, the fact that he was walking around on a cold day trying to fundraise, when he could have sat warmly indoors in front of a computer trying to do the same thing, or browsed, or had his own  x-box-wii-pod-pad-phone-gizmofest, warmed my heart.

I looked up from the screen and saw him on the pavement…the steam from the coffee and his warm breath clouding in front of his face…..the sun shining off his hair. I snapped a picture. Here it is.

Now its going to be one more (no)thing in the vast nothingness that is the virtual world.

I’ve sunk back into my chair, and I’ve typed this post. Ironically, I’m thinking “Real is good. I miss real”

Kindness, innocence, youth, enthusiasm, beauty, joy. Abstract. Hard to find? Real!

  1. Hi!Just read your post & was touched.From here(Saudi arabia), Netherlands seems like the other end of the world!Glad to have known your site,shall keep visiting.Bye.

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