Beautiful Failure

In Art, Images, Science on December 16, 2009 at 10:00 pm

Failures are important in Science. While most of the time they are just plain frustrating, every once in a while they can offer great insight. Well, today, I had a failure and while no particularly profound insight was forthcoming, a nice sight was certainly on offer.

I’ve been fabricating some nanofluidic devices in the clean room over the last few weeks, and after long arduous process involving many intermediate steps I discovered that one device didn’t turn out quite right. (For the interested: The resist hadn’t spun evenly on some portions, and hence after depositing metal (Pt), the lift-off wasn’t as good; some metal had managed to stick to the underlying oxide surface).

Anyway, despite the obvious disappointment, I was happy to take an image of what I think is a fabulous piece of abstract art.

The dark portions are silicon dioxide substrate, the teal regions are platinum metal, and the little squares in the bottom right at markers for e-beam lithography.


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