Monsoon Downer

In Built Environment, Urban Life on June 23, 2009 at 6:15 pm

In my time away, when I thought of the first monsoon rains in India, I thought of the inexplicable excitement generated by thunder and blowing dust, the big-warm-wet drops of a huge downpour, of the vivid green of just bathed trees, the lust for piping hot chai and pakoras, and the heady scent of wet earth.

The monsoons supposedly just arrived. There was the usual sound and fury with thunder and blowing dust…but the pitter patter stopped even before I could put the saucepan on for a cup of tea. And as I sniffed my nostrils sore, I caught all but the faintest whiff of the wet earth smell I so love…..


I looked out of my window to realize that there isn’t an unpaved patch of earth left to wet, and all the green that can be washed is that sad little runt of a shrub. I know that the way we build causes huge environmental problems, but here is a reminder of how it saps life of the little joys of  living as well.

PS: Some Trivia — the wet-earth smell is actually caused by these.


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